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Our company was founded by Süreyya Ünsal in Atasanayi Ankara in 1969, moved to Ostim in 1984 and has continued its production uninterruptedly since then.

In this long process, we are proud to deliver our products to many public institutions, private companies, individual users and abroad without compromising our quality and trade principles.

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Dumper & Tipper Biz's Power Brand

Customer Satisfaction

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  • Maintenance

We have maintained this discipline for years, with the awareness of time = money in the business world and the awareness of not causing this loss to anyone. We would like to share the pride of not breaking this tradition in extraordinary situations and during the pandemic process…

Total Quality in the Design, Production, Quality and Technical Service Cycle

“special design for every production”
“environmental green production, maximum efficiency”
“love it at first sight”
“minimize service requirements”

Our ValuesGoal: 100% Customer Satisfaction


Our product design is made separately for each production. After it is almost 100% finished in a cad environment, production begins. In this way, we have the opportunity to foresee the possible errors that may be reflected in the production and to intervene. This design process is one of the pillars of approaching the goal of continuous improvement in quality and zero waste.


Our production processes are planned with a minimum waste and minimum energy focus. These processes are planned in a way that takes into account the elements that are our responsibility to the environment, our society and the world we live in, beyond saving time and profitability in production.


The quality culture from the past, the teaching of "like your work first yourself, then present it to the customer" conveyed by the masters, has become the motto within the company, and has made the modern quality culture of Ünsal Damper livable by being kneaded with the new working culture and quality system documents, practices and principles. The reflections of this are the product that comes out and then it returns as proud customer satisfaction.

04Technical Service

Thanks to years of experience and foresight in the product manufacturing and delivery process, the goal of minimum error, as little customer return and service requirement as possible is pursued. However, when necessary, the experienced staff is always ready to provide service in the shortest and least cost of time.